Searching for inspiration

11 May

So where does a design come from?  Is there a magic formula, is it trial and error or is it just luck?

For a lot of people it is a really difficult thing to come across.  They agonise over the right answer, and it constantly eludes them. The reason is there is no right answer.  Design is such a subjective thing, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  What works in one garden will be a disaster in another.  It all depends on the site, the surroundings and the personalities.  One and one doesn’t always equal the same thing in the design world.

Some people love energy and excitement and seeing something new around every corner, others love the elegance that can be found in pure, simple clean lines.  Me, I’m somewhere in between.

Where do I find inspiration and ideas for my designs?  The reality is that there really are very few completely original ideas in this world.  Every designer, whether they be an architect, an artist or an advertiser will draw inspiration from their peers.  They will always be searching for, and finding inspiration in the everyday and in the extraordinary.

I find inspiration from other landscape architects and designers, fashion, movies, books, art, nature and the list goes on and on.  Each garden will send me searching for a new set of fresh ideas.  Each holiday will bring me home with a new swag of inspiration.  But most importantly the inspirational search should start with the garden owners or users.  Who is going to love and nurture this new space?

I’ve started the search for inspiration for my garden, by trawling the photos on our hard drive – most of my travel photos are pre-digital camera and still in the between houses storage, so I’m itching to find the magic box to unleash the nostalgia trip, but until then…

Snowy Mountains National Park

Gorgeous home grown flowers from my baby shower

Sculpture Garden at The National Gallery in Canberra

Public art in Geelong - I love the whole collection of people along the waterfront in Geelong

Just a taste of what’s to come…

Hope you’re starting to be Drawn Outdoors!



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