Happy Daredevil Day!

20 May

My little Daredevil turned 1 yesterday! So, this weekend my time will be spent celebrating this very small but significant milestone.  How quickly does time fly? This time last year I was wondering how on earth I managed to make a little boy (I was sure he was going to be a girl), and now I’m wondering how on earth I’m going to  stop him throwing himself into the closest bit of trouble.

Pop and The Daredevil

While contemplating how quickly time flies, I’ll also be looking back at my childhood and my life and the impact of one person.  You see my Pop hasn’t got much time left – it’s now just a waiting game.  So while my little boy is just learning how to grasp the most of his tiny little life, Pop is letting go of his.  This is not a sad time for me.  While I will miss him and wish he was still here, death is an inevitable part of life, and Pop lived one hell of a life. For that I am happy and grateful.  I only hope that I can pack as much punch into my own.

So for now, I hope that when Pop finally opens that door to check out the party on the other side, he can find Slim Dusty and Mr Dusty can finally “Have a beer with Kev”. Mr Perfect is having a beer for Kev as I type this.

Such a short post, but I’m afraid there’s a rocket cake to be made.



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