One, two, miss a few…

30 May

I was doing so well with my Monday, Wednesday, Friday posting schedule, but slipped up on Friday.  I have a really good reason, and I can get a note from my Mum if you’d like.  I had my post planned, had taken the photos and was generally ready to go, had even started a little bit of it, but other things were more of a priority.  Friday was Pop’s funeral.  I thought I might have caught a few spare quiet moments to get a quick reflective post up, but with my extended family around, there is never a spare quiet moment.  Who was I kidding?

Pop had 3 daughters, 8 grandchildren, 12 great grandchildren, and too many friends that felt like family to count.  The funeral was standing room only, and the party continued at his place until very early in the morning.  Unfortunately we had to get the Drama Queen and the Daredevil to bed, so we missed the Tequila shots, Zumba and planking (or plonking as Mr Perfect calls it) that will be the things of legend.

So today you get to see, what I though might be a fitting final tribute to Pop, a tour of his garden.  It’s a perfect example of embracing what was left behind by the previous owner and adding things you love.  As Pop’s dementia was taking hold, Barb, his wife would catch moments while Pop was in the garden, raking and weeding, to do her day to day things like having a shower.  She knew Pop would be OK in his garden, providing nothing caught his eye that needed a ladder!

The wombat at home in Pop's garden

The front pathway

The front garden is more formal than the back

water feature statue and constructed formal garden beds adopted from the previous owners

The swaggie keeping watch by the stairs

The possum proof vegetable garden

Pop planted the beetroot with my Mum just weeks before he died

herbs in pots

the view looking up is just as impressive

Pop was such an avid vege gardener, that the floral tribute on his casket was a mountain of vegetables.  I bet the florist loved that job!

The vegetable tribute - looking a little wilted at the end of a very long day!

I think Pop may have left his green thumb behind for someone, the Drama Queen’s seeds have sprouted – she is so proud of her baby broccoli and snow pea plants.



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