Are you speaking my language?

3 Jun

The Daredevil is starting to talk.  I’m not certain what he’s saying, but I’m sure he thinks it’s really important.  He has a very determined tone, and there’s definitely a message he’s trying to get across, and when we work it out he’s really happy. It might just be that he wants the drink just out of reach on the table, or that the Drama Queen has just eaten his piece of banana bread, but when we decipher the babble, you can see a clear sense of satisfaction fall over his little face.  I’m just hoping that he doesn’t talk as much as his big sister!

A garden is a little bit the same.  It doesn’t speak english, french or german, but it definitely has a language all its own.  A beautifully planned and designed garden will speak to you on a number of levels.  It will awaken and enlighten most of your senses, though I generally don’t recommend nibbling on random gardens, a good vege patch will get your taste buds jumping.

A garden can tell a story.  Sometimes it will tell the history of a place through layers of design and construction.  It can tell the story of a gardener, and reflect their personality.  It might just simply tell a story of the seasons.

The landscape architect’s job is to become the story teller.  Instead of words and paper, plants and pavers become the vocabulary, and the more skilful the designer, the better the story.

When you have taken the time to plan, design and build your garden it will start to talk to you, sometimes sending very subtle messages, trying to tell you that you need to add a bit of fertilizer, spread a bit of mulch.  Or it can be a bit more in your face – I normally get the “we really need some more water” message a bit too late.

Winter is normally a quieter time in the garden, but it’s a good time to take stock, clear out and plan ready for spring.  Take some time out this weekend, sit out in your garden and try and work out what it’s saying – I hope you hear the water message before it’s too late!



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