Inner West garden story – developing the concept

15 Jun

I thought I’d share with you a little garden design I prepared for some friends of mine.  I love designing for people I know, because a lot of the hard work is already done.  I don’t need to get to know the client, I don’t need to find out what they enjoy or what their tastes are.  I generally know all about how much time they’d like to spend in their garden and what it is they like to do there, so I jump at the opportunity to give advice and prepare designs for people I know and love.

This garden design was being prepared to complement a house extension and renovation in the inner west of Sydney, and unfortunately there wasn’t a lot of garden space after the construction work was completed.  The garden needed to maximise the space available while still providing for the everyday backyard functions like washing lines and lawnmower storage.

I have a few standard questions that I go through with clients before I prepare a landscape design for them.  They cover things like what are their short and long term objectives for the garden, what spaces or gardens do they like already and what will the space be used for.  This garden needed to be a “relaxed low maintenance garden which complements the new extension, creates a play area and softens the rear building.  Classic – contemporary look”

This was a relatively easy brief to work with, the difficulty lay in the limited space available to deliver it!

Here are some before photos – these were taken while the builders were still at work, so you can get a good idea of what we were going to be left to work with.

The good part about designing for friends, is that you can have some great design discussions at the pub over a glass of wine and a good meal.  Serviettes make great sketch pads!

Some serviette sketch ideas

After a bit of back and forwards, I delivered a couple of sketch design concepts for my friends to consider.

The 2 concept sketches

Both concepts are very similar, as there wasn’t a lot of scope for variation given the site constraints, but the subtle differences gave us enough food for thought to develop the concepts further.

I’ll keep you up to date on how this garden story develops, from dream to reality.



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