Carving out a space for me.

20 Jun

When we moved I was lucky to carve out a space for myself.  I will need an office space to run Drawn Outdoors and I have just been longing for somewhere to call my creative home.  Somewhere that I can start making, drawing or creating and not have to pack up before meal times, somewhere that I can set up a mood board or a visioning board and see it every time I walk past, somewhere that I can actually have a desk and workspace.  How luxurious after our 2 bedroom apartment.

We haven’t been the most organised movers.  We got the big stuff done really quickly, and the little stuff has taken a bit longer.  Unfortunately it is my space that has suffered, it has become, what we affectionately call “The Messy Room”.  It’s where everything that has yet to find a home calls home.  The contents change constantly, and the Daredevil loves exploring and destroying whatever he can get his hands on, but I need to pull my finger out and create a space for Drawn Outdoors to grow from.

My office, affectionately known as the messy room

It has the potential to be a really nice space to work in.  The view out the window is green and I can see what’s going on in the world around me, but the fact remains that I need to get in and do some serious organising.  My drawing board is hibernating at my sister’s place, waiting to be given a new home, I just need to make that home.

So I have been searching for ideas.  I know that I will need wall space for design ideas, inspiration and mood boards, book shelves for my enormous book collection, and storage for paper, plans, pens and supplies.  That’s on top of the basics like a desk and drawing board.  It’s a big ask on a minimal budget, but I’m sure I will get there.  In the meantime I can dream big…

This would be perfect for storage - from

I'm in love with this colour and the prints on the walls -

I would like to think that I'm this kind of person - so clean and so organised. Image from

But really it's more likely to be like this... photo from

But here is the perfect office for Drawn Outdoors…

Well, a girl can dream can't she! photo from

Wish me luck!



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