27 Jun

It’s time to celebrate a couple of little milestones for my baby blog.  This is the 21st post, and who doesn’t celebrate a 21st?  It will also mark 1000 views, unless of course no one reads it, but I really hope you do. Helloooooo are you all out there???

To help celebrate I’ve given the blog a bit of a makeover, and I’m going to share with you one of my family’s favourite ways of celebrating.  I’m sorry, this post has nothing at all about gardening, landscape architecture or design, it’s just a bit of fun!

It’s ABBA time!

The Drama Queen and some classic Euro pop outfits!

It’s not a party in my family until someone dusts off the old ABBA CD and Mamma Mia and Dancing Queen get a run on the dance floor.  Actually, we don’t really need a dance floor, any space will do.  Give my Mum and her sisters a glass of wine, a bit of clear floor space and some good Swedish pop and they will dance up a storm, then the girl cousins join in, some of the boys (others are a little reluctant) and now the grandkids are all part of the ritual.  A celebration is rated by the amount of fun that’s had on the dance floor, and the number of ABBA songs we have sung and danced to.

My family well and truly subscribe to this mantra:

I should clarify here how important ABBA has been in my musical development.  ABBA Arrival was my first album, and my sister and I used to dance and mime to ABBA to entertain our relatives.  My Great Aunt had an ABBA album for just this purpose.  There were arguments and fights over who was allowed to sing to which songs between us, for some reason “When I kissed the teacher” tended to get the biggest contest.  My sister’s Hen’s night was to see Bjorn Again, I think I’ve seen them about 5 times now, and Mr Perfect can’t stand it!  Yes I know that’s not obsessive, I’m not a groupie, I just consider ABBA pretty important in my musical life.

So, when I found out that ABBA World was closing at The Powerhouse Museum, I knew it was time to pull my finger out and get myself there!

Unfortunately Mr Perfect was a little under the weather this weekend, so he missed out (though I think a little part of him was breathing a little sigh of relief), but The Drama Queen, The Daredevil, my Mum and I headed out on Sunday afternoon and emersed ourselves in all that is good about Scandinavian Pop.  We drowned ourselves in ABBA, and we had a ball.

The Drama Queen and I make a guest appearance in the Arrival helicopter

After a rocky start, the Drama Queen was styling it up on stage with the Scandinavian divas, the Daredevil was mesmerised, and Mum and I took turns on stage if the Drama Queen would let us!  There were tears when Mamma Mia came on because apparently the Drama Queen is actually the Dancing Queen and she wouldn’t dance to anything else!

I didn’t get to read all the pieces of endless trivia, we spent more time singing and dancing.  My Drama Queen rendition was only 55% pitch perfect – I already knew singing wasn’t a strength, only a dancefloor obsession! But I did better than the Drama Queen’s 27% for The winner takes it all!

The Drama Dancing Queen on stage

The Daredevil working the Karaoke booth

All four of us on the Waterloo cover

I’m sorry to say that the exhibition is now closed, we caught the last day, but it is travelling to Prague, so if you can afford a European trip, you can check it out there.  I’m just disappointed I didn’t get to go along with Mum and her sisters, that would have been hilarious.

Just one more classic piece of ABBA to leave you with.

Who can forget the cat outfits??

Happy 21st!



3 Responses to “ABBAlicious”

  1. Julie Valenti June 27, 2011 at 1:44 pm #

    Are you sure we are not related. Many nights at the Valenti household were ABBA nights and under pressure my dad took us to see ABBA the Movie. Happy 21st


  2. drawnoutdoors June 27, 2011 at 1:50 pm #

    Oh Julie, you will have to come to one of our family parties, you would have a ball!!!

  3. Clair July 1, 2011 at 3:22 pm #

    Benny looks like a natural. The Bennett blood in this one is strong!

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