Are you in the mood?

30 Jun

The mood for what I hear you ask.  The mood to inspire?  The mood to create? The mood to cut and paste like a pre-schooler???

It’s time to talk mood boards.

Mood boards can be an exceptionally fun way of identifying the look and feel you want for your landscape design, or any other project for that matter. A mood board is a collection of images and ideas that can provide inspiration and direction to determine the aesthetic you want to portray .  They provide not only a visual representation of your ideas, but also an emotional one.

You can use absolutely anything to represent how you want your garden to look and feel.  From the literal – photos of native plants or standard iceberg roses.  To the more metaphoric – swatches of fabric that might provide a colour theme or a feeling, “I want my garden to feel luxurious like a piece of silk”.  A mood board doesn’t need to mean anything to anyone except for you, however if you want to use it to communicate your ideas to others you might want to think about what your using and how they portray your message.

If you are engaging a landscape architect or professional designer to help you with achieving your dream garden, a mood board can be the perfect way for you to let them know what you want.  Designers are generally very visual people, and a bunch of images and ideas in a format they understand will get their creative juices jumping.

Here’s how you mood board.  It’s easy really, and will take you back to your pre-school days.  You will need a pile of magazines, photos, or other stuff that you like, a pair of scissors, and some glue and paper or a pinboard and pins.  Find a comfy spot, preferably on the floor so you can spread yourself out and start searching for inspiration. This is where the scissors and glue come in.  Start to cut and paste to your hearts content.  It doesn’t matter what the finished product looks like as long as it means something to you.  Don’t think you need to finish your mood board here and now, the best ones are those that evolve over time.  When you collect things as you go, on your day to day travels, you can watch your dreams build and grow.

My Bizness Babes course included some mood boarding for our businesses.  It was great fun sitting on the floor with 14 other mums surrounded by paper, scissors and glue.  We chatted, searched and laughed and all felt like big kids back in pre-school.  Here’s my Bizness Babes mood board,  and some images waiting to find a mood board home.

My Bizness Babes mood board

Images waiting for a mood board home

More ideas waiting fora mod board home

If you prefer to collect your ideas online and electronically there are a couple of websites that are set up for online mood boarding.  My favourite is Pinterest, and I’ve found some truly beautiful images and words of inspiration there.

So, are you in the mood yet??



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