Happy New Financial Year!

1 Jul

Pop the champagne, let off the fireworks, roll out the seafood…

Wait, no that happens in 6 months time.  The new financial year is normally marked with fear and trepidation.  It’s time to roll out the tax files, receipts and organise trips to the accountant.

I always make new financial year resolutions.  Generally they revolve around saving more and spending less.  This year I’m really excited.  I set 1 July as the day to actively start Drawn Outdoors as a business rather than a growing business idea, so…

Drawn Outdoors is officially open for business!

So here I am, landscape architect for hire.  Bringing design to your backdoor and ready to create your dream garden.  This is really only a shift in thinking, but for me it’s a really big shift.  I’m now self employed!  Please have a look at the new tab on my blog.  This tab will have to do until I get the website up and running, but it’s a significant tab for me and for Drawn Outdoors.  Architect Barbie I’m not, but I think I might adopt her as a mascot.

So yes, I think I might pop that champagne, and the Drama Queen’s been bugging me to light some sparklers, but I think the seafood can wait until the real new year.



One Response to “Happy New Financial Year!”

  1. Clair July 1, 2011 at 3:20 pm #

    Congratulations – exciting!!

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