Weeding it out

15 Aug

With spring finally just around the corner, it’s time to stop procrastinating.  Yes, I know I’m a champion procrastinator, and it’s hard to teach an old dog new tricks, but our yard is in some desperate need of TLC, or should I really say major makeover, so it’s time to get going.  I have been putting off work out in the yard while I unpacked, waited for the weather to clear and organised the telegraph pole style palms to be removed.  We’ve made a bit of progress. Most of the boxes are unpacked, hopefully the rain will stay away for a little while and the palms are going on Wednesday!  Finally a few steps closer to the end goal.

But we haven’t been completely idle.  While I’m concerned about my own space, we are also part of a larger complex.  There are 12 other villas in our complex, and quite substantial communal gardens and spaces.  These have been largely neglected for a long time.  The complex was previously defence housing, and as a result most of the villas are investment properties, and a lack of owners on site has lead to a lack of activity in terms of the continual improvement of the grounds.  There has been a change lately.  Not only have we moved in, but there are a few other owner occupiers and a change in the executive of the strata has meant a renewed energy in terms of the complex.

The most exciting part is that we can see a visual change already.  Friday sparked the start of a long process of garden renovation.  The overgrown gardens have been cleared and all the Privet, Lantana, Asparagus Fern, Bracken Fern and old and scrappy looking Dietes have been removed.  The gardeners started on removing the Morning Glory and have also made a start on mulching all the garden beds.  Here are a couple of before and afters.

Before - The garden was overgrown with a whole cocktail of weeds and undesirable plants

After - Gardens are cleared and mulched - the potential is amazing

Before - The trees were being choked by vines and weeds invading from the bushland next door

After - Weeds cleared from the trees and gardens

Before - While it's great to have green, there were so many undesirable species and sight lines were being blocked through the complex

After - These gardens used to be overgrown with Lantana and Privet

After - This light couldn't be seen before

As a first step this is pretty exciting.  We’re hoping to develop a bit of community within the complex.  A little bit of pride and love in the gardens and the appearance of the complex.  As spring and summer come a long these space will be a great playground for the Drama Queen and the Daredevil.  Hopefully with a little bit of vision, some love and a whole lot of work we might be able to transform the gardens into a little oasis.

Hmmm… just another little design project for me!



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