Colour me orange.

7 Oct

I just had a wander through a local shopping centre, and it appears that orange is THE colour for this spring.  Not my usual go to colour for wardrobe essentials, I actually found myself imagining how I’d look in one of the very cute, but very orange summer dresses hanging in all of the shop windows. Maybe this one from Sportsgirl?

Or these ones from Dotti…

As I’ve said before, inspiration can come from anywhere, and all this fashion orange has me thinking about colour for the garden, and orange is an easy one to add to the garden.  Orange flowers, fruit, leaves.  Orange sculpture or feature walls.  There is one thing though, orange probably shouldn’t be your primary colour, it works best as a feature, a seasonal addition or a splash.

Orange, as a colour can evoke some interesting emotions, it can be one of the most loved and disliked colours in the spectrum.  Generally, as a warm colour, it evokes feelings of energy and can be invigorating, though overuse of the brighter tones can be jarring and confronting.

Here are some inspirational orange garden shots to get you thinking…

photo from the Cool Hunter

A Topher Delaney healing garden

Tulip Photo from National Geographic

Even the natives get in on the act - Corymbia ficifolia

Like it or love it, I think orange is here, at least for this spring!



2 Responses to “Colour me orange.”

  1. Nik October 7, 2011 at 11:34 am #

    I bought some orange pig faces the other day they bloomed for a couple of weeks and now no flowers just green.. 😦

  2. murphy369 October 14, 2011 at 4:01 am #

    Hey Sam!
    Great one, various colors mean various things, when taken from a fresh angle and a new look. Orange for my is a vibrant color and it is quite energetic as well.

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