No more nevers

17 Jan


Happy new year! I have finally given up the procrastination for my first post of the 2012. Yes, it has taken me a while, but the new year is bit busy around Drawn Outdoors HQ, not only do we have the fun of celebrating Christmas and New Year, but it’s also Mr Perfect and then the Drama Queen’s birthdays in quick succession. (I also have a really good excuse, in my quest to embrace our new christmas technology, our Ipad ate my blog post!)

Because of the number of celebrations, I love the new year. Not only is is a time for family, friends, food and fun, but it’s also a time for new starts, setting new priorities and making resolutions. Whether you’re planning to lose weight, quit smoking, eat healthier or just smile more, it’s a time for taking a bit of a look forward and back and readjusting a little.

We have a new outlook around Drawn Outdoors. It’s been inspired by my lovely Drama Queen. I’m not sure why, but she has been turning into a bit of a negative nelly. More and more often I was hearing the word never. “I’ll never have chocolate again!” or “I’ll never ever play with my ponies”. Basically her world was becoming a bit too doom and gloom for my liking, so we made a new rule…

No more Nevers

Instead of never we’ve turned it into “I can’t wait”. Now we get “I can’t wait to have chocolate again” and “I can’t wait to go to the beach”. Not only are the words different and more positive, but they come with a smile instead of a scowl. I think it has actually made a huge difference to her general outlook.

The good news is, that between the rainy days that this Sydney summer has served up, the Capricorn birthday routine of choice this year has been beaches and pubs. Mornings spent in the sand sun and surf (well as much surf as a Sydney harbour beach can serve up) and evenings relaxing in a beer garden with family and friends… I’m hoping this tradition hangs on for my birthday!

In celebration of our new philosophy, happy new year and I can’t wait until my next blog post!!! Why don’t you join us in our quest to eradicate the nevers.



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