A trip through Tuscany

3 Feb

One of my clients has asked for a Tuscan theme for their landscape design.  I thought I’d share with you some of the images I have been looking at to give me a little inspiration.  Identifying a design theme can sometimes be one of the hardest and easiest things to do.  It sets your vision and agenda for the design process and helps eliminate great but probably inappropriate design ideas.  Lets face it, while you’d love to have roses, hedges, free growing natives and a really cool tropical oasis, they probably don’t go together unless you have an enormous amount of space, and sometimes there needs to be some tough decisions made.

While I would love to take a trip top Tuscany to really get into the mood, I don’t think the finances will stretch that far.  For now I’ve just taken a trip through cyber Tuscany and am dreaming of the real thing.  Enjoy…

Image from philipsgardenblog.com

Image from contessanally.blogspot.com.au

Image from ciaotraveler.blogspot.com.au

The key design elements for a Tuscan garden are boldness and simplicity.  There is not a lot of fuss in a tuscan theme, but clean lines and bold elements, either through plants, statuary or hardscapes.  There is a strength in the design determination that isn’t found with other design themes.  The renaissance Italians knew how to design, and their inspiration permeates through so many design movements.  Picking up a modern interpretation of the Tuscan garden theme for a Sydney house is going to be fun!



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