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21 Mar

I enjoyed writing a post for Design Mom’s Love the Place you live theme a couple of weeks ago so much that I’ve decided to join in again! If you missed last time you can catch it again here. Last weekend was a bit of a mixed bag in terms of weather, so I wasn’t sure whether we’d actually get a chance to enjoy the Sydney outdoors, but as Sunday provided a few good sunny hours, we made the most of them and headed out.

The postcard Sydney image

Sydney really is a pretty city.  The harbour and all it has to offer create a beautiful backdrop, and never fail to bring a smile to my face.  Despite the fact that I am Sydney born and bred, the view of the Harbour Bridge and Opera House still brings a couple of little butterflies to my stomach.  This was the backdrop for our Sunday adventure.  We really were playing tourist in our own city this weekend!

I had purchased some $1 ferris wheel rides for Luna Park on a deal website a couple of weeks ago.  The Drama Queen and Daredevil haven’t been to a fun park, and never been on a big ride, so I thought it would be a fun day out without overwhelming them with the whole “theme park” adventure.  I’m glad I was right, we all had a ball!

The Luna Park entrance is a Sydney icon

Luna Park is located right under the Sydney Harbour Bridge (which is celebrating it’s 80th birthday this week), and was first opened in 1935 when it  was built on the site of the construction yards for the bridge.  Luna Park has had a bit of a chequered past with fires, protests and financial losses closing the park a few times over it’s life time.  Thankfully the park has re-opened again, and a lot of the 1930’s character has been restored, including the stunning carousel and Coney Island.  The iconic Luna Park face filled the munchkins with excitement, and it is the perfect gateway to a the world of fun that lies behind it.

I have to be honest, I’m not usually the biggest fan of theme park design, I generally find them a bit gimmicky and very commercialised.  Luna Park is an exception.  The restoration has kept so much of the original art deco character that you feel like you’re stepping back in time a little, and the roving lindy hop dancers help to reinforce the feeling that you’re enjoying a little piece of Sydney’s harbour heritage.

The restored Carousel

artwork in the park

A view from the ferris wheel

The Ferris wheel was a huge success.  Despite a small amount of trepidation from both the Drama Queen and myself about the height, the view and excitement of the ride took over.  Despite my minor height phobia, I love the Ferris Wheel at Luna Park because of the spectacular views you get across the harbour both towards the city and to the west.

The Ferris Wheel with the Harbour Bridge in the background

The Drama Queen was all smiles after her height fear faded

Most people who have grown up in Sydney have memories of Luna Park, and I am no exception.  I have fond memories of watching my sister turn green when she took on the scarier rides as I watched from the much safer sidelines, Poor Pop had to accompany her as she was generally to young to ride on her own!  Hopefully we’ve started planting the seeds of memory in the next generation.

If you’re visiting Sydney, or even if you’re playing tourist in your own city, the Ferris wheel at Luna Park is hard to pass up.  Catch a ferry, pack a picnic and smile! Our day ended in the compulsory game of chase the Daredevil, though this time it had the stunning Bradfield Park, located under the bridge as it’s backdrop.

The Drama Queen chasing Mr Perfect, chasing the Daredevil!

What do you love about the place you live?



4 Responses to “Just for fun”

  1. Aaron Cohen Photography March 21, 2012 at 12:11 pm #

    Beautiful photos, keep it up!

  2. jillsbooks March 22, 2012 at 11:31 pm #

    Thanks for visiting my blog, and now I think I’ll just come visit you in Sidney! What a great blog post. We played tourist here in Minneapolis when my son was home on Spring Break. It’s a great city with tons of green space and city lakes, great libraries!, and art…and just a few hours from the best part of the state — the northern lakes and the North Shore of Lake Superior. How about we swap visits?!

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