Friday Finds – Bombing it!

27 Apr

I love a good bit of guerrilla crafting, a crafty incursion into the everyday.  It reminds me that creativity can be found anywhere and anytime if you have the heart and the will.  I particularly like a good yarn bomb, partly because it is such a simple idea, and partly because I’m so in awe of the creation because, as hard as I try, I can not knit.

Magda Sayeg is the queen of the yarn bomb.  I’ve been surprised by her ‘bombs’ around the Sydney Opera House, though missed her other Sydney installations.  I love how such a simple material can completely change a space, magically transform design and, in my mind, enhance a landscape.  Yarn bombing is a completely ephemeral installation, by the nature of the material it can not be permanent, and it is its element of surprise that really makes my creative heart smile.  Enjoy the bombs!

All photos from

You can even bomb your iPhone – check out the Knitta shop if you want to have your own little fragment of a bomb.



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