All sewn up

26 May

We’ve had a bit of a blow out at our place.


The poor cushion couldn’t handle the munchkin torment any more and gave in. The Drama Queen’s not very happy about it, it was her “favourite”! The cushion did have a sibling, but apparently it’s not as good as the favourite, I actually prefer the sibling, but I’m not 4.


Both cushions were made for my sister’s wedding, quite a few years ago. She had a beautiful garden wedding with masses of handmade touches. I’ll have to borrow her wedding photos one day if she’ll let me share them! With such a sentimental beginning it is sad to say goodbye to the cushion, but we’ve taken the opportunity to redesign and remake. The Drama Queen has helped me pick out some material and a cross stitch design and we’re about to start the hard work.


The Drama Queen has picked a cross stitch design from a French cross stitch book. I borrowed it from the library, and have renewed it twice already, it is beautiful, full of patterns based on French deserts like croissants and macaroons. the Drama Queen has chosen cupcakes, which fortunately seems pretty easy.


I’ll let you know how we go!



2 Responses to “All sewn up”

  1. Clair May 26, 2012 at 10:01 pm #

    Aww poor cushion. 7 years was an impressive lifespan, though. There are many siblings out there, I wonder how they are all doing. All that sewing took you so long!

    I will scan some photos for you 🙂


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    […] the stitching for the Drama Queen’s new cushion – You know, the one I blogged about here.  Done by 31 […]

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