Well hello you curious kitten, you want to know more about me do you?  Who am I?  What makes me tick?  And what the heck is “Drawn Outdoors“?

I am a landscape architect who is determined to make the world a more beautiful and sustainable place.  I have two gorgeous children – the drama queen and the daredevil who ensure that I keep seeing the world through new eyes.  Give me quirky, whimsy or imaginative any day and I’ll be a very happy girl.

Drawn Outdoors will be a new concept in garden design.  It will bring together the inspiration and know how to dream, create, love and enjoy your own little piece of garden paradise.

At the moment we’re behind the scenes busily working away to bring you the very best tools, articles and information.  In the meantime, keep enjoying my blog and keep an eye out for the launch of Drawn Outdoors.

3 thoughts on “About

    • We haven’t done a lot yet, have been waiting to have the palm trees removed. Hopefully that should happen in the next couple of weeks, then I’ll actually have to get designing and creating!

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