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Party like a 2 year old

19 May

Happy birthday to my little Daredevil.  He has made it to two despite every attempt to jump, fall, climb, and run into the face of danger.  Although I had fantastic plans for a gorgeously themed second birthday party, we settled for a “theme” of good food, good friends and good fun out in the late autumn sun.

Utilising a big open common area within our villa complex we were able to have enough room for munchkins to run and adults to relax and soak up the blue sky sun.  I realised how good it is to have a big garden space that is able to be adapted and utilised as an extension to your inside living space.  If we had tried to have the 30 odd people fit into our place it just would not have worked.  While the space is nothing special, there is a lot of potential, and the potential is the best part about it.  It is almost a blank canvas waiting for users to shape it.

It has been a very big day, I’m exhausted and ready for bed, so thought I would just share some of our photos from today.

Time to blow out the candles and go to bed!



Friday Finds – the growingest kids party

18 May

As you know, We’ve been putting together the Daredevil’s second birthday party for tomorrow, so I have been spending a bit of time trawling the interweb for kids party ideas.  I found one that I’m putting in the memory banks for when my munchkins are just a little bit older.  The Green Thumb Barbers Blog had the absolute best birthday party idea – “My first herb garden”.  I love the idea of teaching kids about growing their own in a fun party atmosphere.  I’ve borrowed a few of their photos to give you an idea of how fantastic it looks.  The best bit was that the kids were given food that could be made from things growing in their own garden which closed the food loop.  Check out the full story here.

Can’t wait until I can host one of these parties for my kids!


Garden Party for a Little Daredevil

8 May

The Daredevil is turning two.  A massive milestone for a little boy who likes to test the limits on life.  How high, far, fast can he go?  What is the acceptable dress code?  How loud can he be?  How much can you hug?  As he is our second child, he kind of gets a little bit forgotten in the celebration stakes.  It’s not intentional, but his second birthday is in less than two weeks and we still haven’t settled on what sort of party to hold for him and where!

I think we will have a garden party and hope that the weather produces a spectacular day with blue skies and bright sunshine, perfect autumn weather.  However, I am struggling to come up with ideas for how the party should look and feel.  The garden party image goes hand in hand with little girls, fairies and all things pretty and flowery.  How do I turn this around to suit my little Daredevil?  Mind you, he is not adverse to a spot of fancy fairy and princess dressing up, and can rock a pair of play high heels with the best of them, but he does also seem to get a thrill out of the more boyish pursuits of kicking balls and swinging bats.

I’ve posted before about the basics of a garden party – if you missed it, you can travel back through time here.  It’s not the basics I need for this one, I’m looking for a bit of inspiration for the details!

I’ve found some fantastic theme and styling ideas on the internet.

There were Safari themes – photo from

…and camp out themes photo from

But my favourite theme was this fantastic “That’s what little boys are made of” party styled by Lovely Like You located in Aukland NZ- perfect for a garden with it’s frogs and snails!

So much for the inspiration searching, I just need to get down to the business of doing…


Friday Finds – Happy Star Wars Day

4 May

It’s May the fourth – May the fourth be with you!

This week’s Friday finds has been around for a while, but it is a good one.  I struggled to work out how I was going to combine Star Wars day with landscape – sure there’s the really cool computer generated intergalactic Lucasfilm landscapes, but we’ve all seen them.  I decided to delve into the world of things to do in your garden – enjoying your space, and enter the wonderful world of photographer Chris McVeigh.  Combining the Chipmunks that occupied his yard, and a collection of Star Wars figurines, he has created these gems.

Too cool and way too much fun.  He also photographs lego figurines and toys and sells prints, mobile phone cases and laptop skins of his images.  Check out his website here and his shop here.

And remember, use the fourth Luke…


PS I’m really not that big a Star Wars fan, but Mr Perfect is rather fond of the original trilogy and is just waiting for the right time to share them with the Drama Queen and Daredevil.

Valentine your garden

14 Feb

Happy Valentines Day!  Instead of the usual soppy cards and roses, I like to look for some different, fun and unique ideas for showing my loved ones how much I care.  It’s not often that we go over the Valentines top at Drawn Outdoors HQ, but one day I might just surprise Mr Perfect!

Oh Happy Day had this idea for transforming your lawn into a loved up artwork. You might like to try it out, the instructions are at Valentine’s Day Garden Heart Attack has a great idea to spread the valentines love to our feathered friends (though the instructions will need a little adaptation for those of us in the southern hemisphere).  Take a look at Give a Heart to the Birds. has found a more extreme way to demonstrate your love.  Check out their Valentine street art gallery

And my favourite outdoor valentine project is this one from Playscapes.  Because everyone loves a playground, check out this fantastic playground designed by a year 3 class in Denmark and realised by landscape architect Helle Nebelong.   The Playscapes article is here.

Love and Valentine’s kisses to you all,


Summer days…

2 Dec

Ahhh… Summer how I love you.

I want to be here

Create this

Drink this

and leave these

What’s your summer outdoor dream?


P.S. yes, these are my photos and it was wonderful!

Drawn Outdoors with Sesame Street

10 Nov







The things you find when you have little people that need entertaining on a wet day!  This might just have to be Drawn Outdoors theme song!

Hope you enjoy it as much as we have this morning.  Are you smiling now??


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