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Going to my happy place

20 May

Doesn’t everyone have a happy place?  The place that you go, whether it be a physical or more metaphorical, when you’re not really feeling the happy vibe.  When you want  to pick up those failing spirits, or when you just want a happiness boost.  Sometimes you just have to close your eyes and go to your happy place.  I’m loving joining in the Seven Cherubs Happy Days in May Project, but thought I’d switch it around just a little this week.  I’ve concentrated my happiness sentences on the happy places that I visited this week.  In this instance the happy places are physical, though they definitely did have an emotional effect.

This is part three in the Happy Days in May series, you can check out part one here and part two here if you want to catch up on the happiness goodness, and with a couple more parts to come, it really has helped make a happy May around our place.

14 May 2012 – In all the party planning pandemonium I took the opportunity to visit Spotlight to collect some “essential” supplies for the party, I also managed to do a little bit of other looking too!

15 May 2012 – Headed over to Haberfield to catch up for coffee, great coffee, great company and lots of fun with the Daredevil and his new “friend” in the park.

16 May 2012 – Ordered balloons at the party shop – how can a party shop not be a happy place???

17 May 2012 – With Mr Perfect taking a day off work, I got to go to the supermarket alone!  Not normally an exceptionally happy place, but this time a tranquil haven of happiness without two munchkins sneaking contraband into the trolley or running away.

18 May 2012 – A trip over to Surry Hills with the Daredevil to see the doctor is a trip down childhood memory lane, plus a brush with fame as I park behind Hugo Weaving (mmmmm….)

19 May 2012 – We don’t have to travel far to find a happy place today as the party comes to our home – perfect people, weather and location!

20 May 2012 – A walk through The Rocks to get to Walsh Bay for the Sydney Writers Festival – inspiring talk and buzzing atmosphere, but more about that tomorrow!

I do have to admit that sometimes I do feel like my happy place is a little bit like this….

… though fortunately not very often!

Where was your happy place this week?



Woo Hoo! One year old today

9 May

One year ago I sat down at this computer desk, at a very similar looking but different computer and tapped out my first blog post.  Drawn Outdoors the blog was born!

I’m just a little bit proud of the achievements I have made in the last twelve months, they’re only relatively small in the bigger scheme of things, but most have been significant first steps into previously untested waters for me.  A bit of faith, a bit of inspiration and a lot of hard work, and I am well and truly on my way.  If I could have predicted the future, I would have thought that this blog would have started out like a burst of Sydney New Years Eve fireworks, and then kind of faded away in the haze of smoke that was left in its wake.  I wasn’t sure that I would still have things to blog about, how I would find inspiration and ideas, and even if anyone would read what I was writing.

Fortunately I was wrong.  My daily page views are steadily increasing each month, and I seem to be enjoying blogging more with each post that I write, this is my 88th post, so by the end of May I will be well and truly into triple digits.  I am constantly amazed that my most read post has had over 1,000 views, and that it was this one

What have I achieved, what happened this year and where to from here?? Is it time to make a new blogging year to do list, re-write some aims and objectives and set the bar just a little bit higher? Hell yeah!  It’s time to dream bigger, better and in every colour of the rainbow!

Drawn Outdoors’ first year saw births, deaths and marriages.  We had hospital stays and holidays, and an incredibly huge amount of rain!  At least the weather is my prevailing excuse for the lack of activity on the Drawn Outdoors courtyard.  Drawn Outdoors has attracted a few clients, I’ve dusted off the drawing board and designed some fabulous gardens, though still not ours!  As I said, baby steps, but at least when I prepare my tax return this year I’ll be able to show a very modest income!  Significantly I graduated from the Bizness Babes program, and blogged about it here.  Without these wonderful women and fantastic program I don’t think I would have had the nerve to start down this road.

As for the rainbow coloured dreams, as the Daredevil will be heading off for a day or two of childcare soon I’ll suddenly be presented with the luxury of time.  Time that will be used to grow my business, improve my blog and take the next step and start to develop my website.  With the extra time I’ll be able to start to market Drawn Outdoors and find clients rather than waiting for potential clients to find me.  And maybe, just maybe I’ll actually finish my business plan, rather than continually “improving” it!

I know that this year I’ll be taking bigger steps, confident strides, and there is a possibility you might even see some running and jumping, though dancing might be more my style.  Bigger things are in store, better things down the track.

Happy birthday Drawn Outdoors!  Thank you for reading, I hope I have informed and entertained.  At the very least I hope I have made you smile, think and feel inspired.  I hope you’re really starting to feel drawn outdoors!


Am I Mad May???

1 May

Thanks to the wonderful Bizness Babes for this little piece of motivation to kick off May

A post a day in May.  Am I crazy? Have I bitten off more than I can chew? The answer is probably yes to both, but who doesn’t love a challenge.

This month is the first birthday of the Drawn Outdoors blog.  There’s a lot to celebrate.  I wasn’t sure how long I would last, how much I would enjoy it or even if anyone else would enjoy my inspired ramblings.  I have survived, have loved my blog and grown with it over the last 12 months.  The best news is that it appears there are a few people out there who enjoy it too, and my page views are gradually increasing as each month passes.  For this I am grateful as it provides me with a small sense of purpose and motivation to keep on going.

To celebrate the last twelve months and to kick off the next twelve I’m challenging myself to a post a day for the month of May.  I have some great ideas for posts.  Some may be very short, just a photo or an idea, others might provide a bit of inspiration, information or just some light reading.  I’m not sure that it will be the easiest way to celebrate, but it will be fun.

I’m also linking up with Seven Cherubs Happy Days in May project. It is such a perfect way to recognise the great things I have going on around me.  I don’t think I’ll post my sentences daily, but save them up for a weekly happiness update.  If you’re game, you can come along on the happiness ride.  No need for a blog, a pen and paper will do.  Check out the project here.

31 posts will be a lot, I might  need a little inspiration, so I’m throwing it out to the universe, what do you want me to write about?  Is there a burning thought or question you would like addressed?  Is there something you’re interested in or think that I should be interested in?  Leave me a comment and I’ll see what I can do.

One down, 30 to go, wish me luck!



27 Jun

It’s time to celebrate a couple of little milestones for my baby blog.  This is the 21st post, and who doesn’t celebrate a 21st?  It will also mark 1000 views, unless of course no one reads it, but I really hope you do. Helloooooo are you all out there???

To help celebrate I’ve given the blog a bit of a makeover, and I’m going to share with you one of my family’s favourite ways of celebrating.  I’m sorry, this post has nothing at all about gardening, landscape architecture or design, it’s just a bit of fun!

It’s ABBA time!

The Drama Queen and some classic Euro pop outfits!

It’s not a party in my family until someone dusts off the old ABBA CD and Mamma Mia and Dancing Queen get a run on the dance floor.  Actually, we don’t really need a dance floor, any space will do.  Give my Mum and her sisters a glass of wine, a bit of clear floor space and some good Swedish pop and they will dance up a storm, then the girl cousins join in, some of the boys (others are a little reluctant) and now the grandkids are all part of the ritual.  A celebration is rated by the amount of fun that’s had on the dance floor, and the number of ABBA songs we have sung and danced to.

My family well and truly subscribe to this mantra:

I should clarify here how important ABBA has been in my musical development.  ABBA Arrival was my first album, and my sister and I used to dance and mime to ABBA to entertain our relatives.  My Great Aunt had an ABBA album for just this purpose.  There were arguments and fights over who was allowed to sing to which songs between us, for some reason “When I kissed the teacher” tended to get the biggest contest.  My sister’s Hen’s night was to see Bjorn Again, I think I’ve seen them about 5 times now, and Mr Perfect can’t stand it!  Yes I know that’s not obsessive, I’m not a groupie, I just consider ABBA pretty important in my musical life.

So, when I found out that ABBA World was closing at The Powerhouse Museum, I knew it was time to pull my finger out and get myself there!

Unfortunately Mr Perfect was a little under the weather this weekend, so he missed out (though I think a little part of him was breathing a little sigh of relief), but The Drama Queen, The Daredevil, my Mum and I headed out on Sunday afternoon and emersed ourselves in all that is good about Scandinavian Pop.  We drowned ourselves in ABBA, and we had a ball.

The Drama Queen and I make a guest appearance in the Arrival helicopter

After a rocky start, the Drama Queen was styling it up on stage with the Scandinavian divas, the Daredevil was mesmerised, and Mum and I took turns on stage if the Drama Queen would let us!  There were tears when Mamma Mia came on because apparently the Drama Queen is actually the Dancing Queen and she wouldn’t dance to anything else!

I didn’t get to read all the pieces of endless trivia, we spent more time singing and dancing.  My Drama Queen rendition was only 55% pitch perfect – I already knew singing wasn’t a strength, only a dancefloor obsession! But I did better than the Drama Queen’s 27% for The winner takes it all!

The Drama Dancing Queen on stage

The Daredevil working the Karaoke booth

All four of us on the Waterloo cover

I’m sorry to say that the exhibition is now closed, we caught the last day, but it is travelling to Prague, so if you can afford a European trip, you can check it out there.  I’m just disappointed I didn’t get to go along with Mum and her sisters, that would have been hilarious.

Just one more classic piece of ABBA to leave you with.

Who can forget the cat outfits??

Happy 21st!


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