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Glad that one’s over!

11 Dec

I’m not a big believer in wishing your life away or being grateful that something’s done and never wanting to go back, but we’ve just had a week.  What a week.  If we were a garden we would have been hit with a flooding rain, ravaging drought, a powerful frost and then a searing dry heat, and then when it was all over a minor landslide would have wiped out just a small section, something akin to an tomato patch or a flower bed (for me it was my ankle and the Drama Queen’s bottom!).

What do you do to recover and how do you pull yourself back up onto your feet after a week that knocks you not only for six, but for a whole baker’s dozen??

I like to think of myself as an optimist.  Nothing can be really that bad, and there’s generally a bit of a silver lining somewhere if you can just manage to scratch that tarnished surface enough.  We have achieved.  Santa photos for this year have been taken.  Unfortunately the Daredevil hasn’t worked out the deal with the fat man in the red suit, so was a bit apprehensive (read frantically unwilling)

So we now have the whole family posing with Santa…

We have set up and decorated the christmas tree, one of the Drama Queen’s favourite things (apparently it’s perfect!), and now the Daredevil’s play thing.  I think he feels there are too many ornaments on the tree, how else could you explain the constant ornament removal process he is currently perfecting?

And for dinner tonight we have roast pork with triple chocolate brownies for desert (yum!).

Sorry for another quiet week, but in between doctors x 4,  antibiotics x3, pain killers x 2, mixed up medications x 1 and a rather spectacular plummet from a kerb, I’ve finally mustered up the energy to blog, ahhh.. another silver lining.

So tell me, where do you find your silver linings when the karmic gods throw you some pretty crappy storm clouds?


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