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Back to the books

6 Mar


I am amazed at how tech reliant I have become. So much of my life seems to revolve around what I need to e-mail, research, or communicate on line. But what happens when mother nature strikes? In this case literally, and your portal to your online world is zapped?

Sydney has been experiencing some very un-summery weather, and for about a week we had some very impressive electrical storms. Unfortunately it seems that both our computer and router were fried in one of the storms, and we’ve been without them for about two weeks now. Frustrating and inconvenient? – yes! The end of the world as we know it? – no way. An opportunity to reconnect with an old school way of doing things? – Definitely!

I’ve talked about going slow before. You can refresh your memory here. The difference is that last time it was voluntary and this time it is an enforced tech-out.

I have had to come up with some creative ways to get plans finished, prepare quotes and research and select plants. I have a fantastic library of books, and the lack of computer has given me the opportunity to open the bookshelf doors and reacquaint myself with these old friends. I had actually forgotten about some of the books, so it was like a little walk down memory lane.

Some of my books were bought while I was travelling, some when I was at University, and others were gifts. It was the books that were gifts that bring back the best memories. My Mum has given me a mountain of landscape books over the years, she knows me well. She also has a great eye for books, and having been the wife of an architect and mum of a landscape architect she’s learnt a few things about design over the years. I’ve spent a bit too much time flipping through the books she brought back from the US, or the gorgeous Australian Garden Design book she gave me a couple of years ago, but it was the Collection of Australian Wildflower Illustrations that made me stop and think.


Mum and Dad (or should I say Santa) gave me this book for Christmas when I was 10. Long before I was a landscape architect, before I think I had even considered it as a career choice. I remember spending hours flicking through the pages and savouring the delicate water colour illustrations. Could it have been this book that started me down the path I’m following? Could it have sown the little seed that has grown into the garden of my life?



I’m quite enjoying my tech exile for the short term, my books are keeping me company, and reminding me of my roots, but I can’t wait to re-discover the convenience of the world at my fingertips.



Gone bush…

23 May

Well, no, not really, just going out the back.  Our new house backs onto a bushland reserve and the Drama Queen has been itching to go for a bush walk. Finally we managed to hit the perfect weather and health day, so while the Daredevil slept and Mr Perfect caught up with the news, the Drama Queen and I headed out to commune with our little piece of nature.  It was a gorgeous way to spend Sunday morning after an emotional day before.

The Drama Queen strutting her bush walking stuff!

On Saturday we said goodbye to my wonderful Pop.  I’m sure he’d decided that his mind was giving up on him, now his body was following suit, and therefore it was time to bid farewell to this party and check out what was going on over the fence.  It’s never any fun when the party’s gone stale and he knew, as all good party people do, when it was time to make his exit.

He’s left a gap that will be impossible to fill, and a lot of people who will miss him.  When someone dies, some people think that something dies within you too, that a hole is left that will never be filled.  I believe the opposite, I believe when someone leaves us they leave a little piece of themselves behind, that you gain some insight, that the world starts to look a little different and that you might find and take some opportunities that might not have otherwise been seen.

What might Pop send my way, and what has he got in store for the rest of us?  If I know my Pop, and I think I do, there will be no grief, but there will be fond memories, love and laughter.  There will be no sitting around, no idle hours.  We will be cramming our days full of jobs, little and big, taking trips away and helping out a mate.  Most importantly, we will be making the most of family.  I think this is a lesson Pop learnt himself, possibly the hard way, but it’s one that he has made easy for us, his grandkids.

When, on Saturday night I started trawling through the box of photos my family has accumulated over many many years I could only giggle and smile at the images I found and the memories that went along side them.  My favourite photo that I found was of Pop, my sister and I on a bush walk, framed off centre so you could see the fabulous view.  My Pop was an outdoors kind of guy, a bushies heart in a city body, and this is how I’ll always remember him, outside, at the beach, in the bush or cracking his whip in the backyard.

Such a '70's look! I'm the babe styling it on the left.

I only hope that he’s left behind his green thumb, ’cause I know I’m going to need it!


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