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The rain washed away our garden!

24 May

Well, OK, there’s not much of a garden there to start with.  Every time we begin to think about making a good start something, and by that I mean rain, gets in the way.  Sydney had an exceptionally wet summer, and while we have made a start, a lot of the hard clearing stuff out kind of work is done, we haven’t quite gotten around to the fun constructing bit.  So really the rain has washed away our garden dreams!

The cleared front garden with makeshift pathway waiting for the new design to take shape… yes it’s still waiting!  Though we have mulched it to prevent weed growth.

the mountain of weeds and unwanted plants cleared out of the garden.

After we mulched this garden ready for the plants and new pavers it rained, rained some more and when we thought it had finished it kept right on raining.  Throw in there a hospital visit, a few birthdays, a bad back and a run of sniffles and the end result is that we still have a mulch garden without the schmick new pavers.

The Munchkins and I have propagated a whole lot of plants ready for our winter vegetable garden.  We have broccoli, snow peas, sweet peas and normal peas as well as gourds and strawberries.  They’re all ready to have a go at growing on their own in the big bad garden, but just as we had set aside today to make their new home, it has started raining.  After one of the driest Mays on record, the one day we want to go out and get out hands dirty it pours!  I had planned on blogging about our gardening successes for today, so damn you unpredictable weather patterns!

A plethora of peas

Beautiful broccoli

Gorgeous gourds

The seedlings are stacking up next to the pavers ready to go into the front yard, the 2 Kangaroo Paws that have been waiting way to long to let their roots run free and the tomato stakes that just completely missed their opportunity for last seasons tomatoes.  The Drama Queen has been so proud of them, she carefully planted them (check that out here) and has been watching them sprout and grow.  The Daredevil has been my chief watering can manager, and so far as a team we’ve done a good job.  We just need the weather to come to the party and not rain on our parade.

So far my gardening activities have added up to a lot of weed pulling, a bit tomato taming and a bucket full of thinking and planning, basically not much doing.

For this weekend, rain rain go away, its time our garden had a play!



A trail of terror…

22 Nov

The Daredevil goes by a couple of other names, there’s the Super B, our little terrorist and my personal favourite, Mr Destructacon.  There’s also the nice gentle ones like cuddle bug and gentle Ben, but today was definitely a Mr Destructacon kind of day.  I think I’ve spun from one minor clean up to major hassle all afternoon!

Let me explain a little further.  Normally on a Tuesday I only have the Daredevil at home with me.  The Drama Queen would generally spend the day in child care.  But today we had a little outing to get some immunisation shots, 18months for the Daredevil and 4years for the Drama Queen. So, like a responsible mother I’ve tried to keep things calm.  Have an inside relaxed kind of afternoon. It’s rainy outside, so outdoors really wasn’t an option anyway.  My munchkins have had other ideas, particularly the Daredevil.  My plan was for a quiet and crafty afternoon, but like best laid plans things have gone a little pear shaped!

While the Drama Queen has been relatively calm, despite the occasional snap at her over excited brother, the Daredevil has sniffed out and found almost every kind of destruction his little frame can handle!  The problem today has been that he has been really quite stealth like with his destruction and it is only by chance that I’ve found the more creative and difficult to rectify misadventures.  As I type, he is trying to unload the dishwasher – really helpful if he were 10 years older, though I have a feeling when he is 10 years older he will have no interest in any form of household appliance!

We managed to cut out the tulle for the pink and purple (yes, the Drama Queen’s colour choices) Christmas pom poms, but the lure of ABC for Kids became too strong so they haven’t progressed much further. We I have made the green jelly that will hopefully set before desert time.  But beyond these small achievements, our day has been a joyful chaos, fortunately free of any major damage to property or person.  I’ll let the few photos I have managed to take speak for themselves…

Do I look like trouble???

I managed to stop this one before all the DVDs followed the games out of the cupboard

The unpacked dishwasher Daredevil style...

These were my new embroidery threads, I guess they still are, but with the Daredevil touch!

But then I found gems like this, he has set the table for dinner with his and the Drama Queen's cutlery

and this is as far as our pink and purple pom poms got!

Ahhhh…. nearly time for dinner, and Mr Perfect’s on the way home.  A Daredevil shared is a disaster halved!


Rain rain go away…no actually just p!$$ off.

22 Jul

I am over the rain.  I am soooo over the rain it’s not funny.  I go stir crazy when I’m stuck indoors, and I’m sure I have an undiagnosed case of Seasonal Affective Disorder (you know the one where you get really grumpy when it’s winter and there’s no sun).  So it’s winter, it has rained exactly 50% of the days since we moved to our new house (yes, I counted them) and I’m stir crazy and grumpy, maybe that’s why I’m not one of the Drama Queens favourite people at the moment (yes, she told me).

I’m guessing if you’re in Sydney you would be a little bit like me.  After years of drought where all we wanted was just a little bit of rain to turn our brown grass green, now all we want is a little bit of sun to turn our mud patches back into gardens.  Or just a chance to emerge from indoors and feel the sun on our faces.  I think we’re all a little water logged.

Just to put it into perspective, I heard on the radio today that this has been the wettest July in Sydney for 60 years, and we still have another 10 days to go.  60 years is a really long time, so I figure I’m not imagining it, it is really really wet.

I am a firm believer in getting out there and getting wet or dirty when the weather allows, but as we are now running out of clean clothes due to the lack of drying weather, it’s probably not the smartest thing to do.  Plus I don’t want to really add to the long list of winter ailments the Drama Queen has had to endure this year.  So this leaves us house bound and delving into the world of creativity to while away the wet hours.

Yesterday it was crayons and dress ups.

The Daredevil is not so sure about the wearing a dress thing

Today we’ve made a Silvermist skirt (for those of you not up with fairies, Silvermist is one of Tinkerbell’s friends) and we’re about to make some cup cakes.

The Drama Queen in her "Silvermist" skirt - the word on her door is just wishful thinking!

This would all be fantastic fun if I had have even had one hour of sleep last night, but thanks to a malfunctioning storm water pump Mr Perfect and I spent a very soggy night preventing our garage from flooding.  Once we had worked out a solution that didn’t require hauling buckets of water, I volunteered to do the night shift, he after all has to go to work and try and make some sense. This involved me trekking outside every hour or so and manually tripping the pump to empty the pit before it overflowed into the garage.

So after all this rain, I am itching to get stuck into our garden.  We planted the Drama Queen’s snow peas and broccoli on the weekend, but didn’t even get the chance to spread the sugar cane mulch around them before the latest downpour started.  Hopefully they don’t drown out there!  We did also start some new seeds – more snow peas and broccoli, plus some basil.  Theory says the rain should be good for them, but in reality it may just be too much.

So I beg of you, whoever flicked the torrential downpour switch, turn it off – we’ve had enough!


And then it rained.

13 Jun

I think I may have a weather curse. After writing about how nice the sun had been despite the cold, I think the clouds rolled in straight after I hit the publish button.  It started to rain not long after, and it hasn’t really stopped since.  So all those fantastic “get out into it” ideas I had for this long weekend went straight out the window.  I guess if you had a raincoat, gumboots and maybe a small dinghy you could have enjoyed some outdoor time, but if you were like us, you were well and truly entrenched inside, bunkered down for the weekend.

We had great plans for this weekend.  We headed up to the Central Coast on Saturday for my cousin’s engagement party.  A family gathering is never a small or quiet event for us, and the opportunity for a long weekend together proved to be too much to pass up.  A gorgeous sunny weekend would have meant walks, beaches (without the swimming), beer gardens and barbecues.  But a rainy weekend meant 9 kids, and 19 adults locked inside with no chance of escape – cosy, loud and very communal!

So this got me thinking, how can you maximise the potential of your outdoor space during the bad weather and still enjoy actually being outdoors when the weather’s fine, and not build yourself in?

First of all you need to accept that really bad weather does not equal the best time to be outside, and maybe a good game of scrabble or trivial pursuit might be a better option. But, having said that a few things come to mind to minimise the inclement and cold.  Some will work for gardens of any size, some will need a heap of space, and some are just a dream waiting to come true when you finally win Powerball.  But hey, a girl can dream can’t she???

The key component would be shelter – to be completely weather proof this would need to be constructed, and therefore would need some space.  Here are some cute little ideas I found whilst procrastinating researching online.

How good would this be?? from http://www.from-london-with-love.com

This one even looks like it's winter. From http://www.centrodionysia.org

This one has to be one of my favorites photo: http://www.lightlocations.com

So, realistically, if you have an average sized garden you may have space for a covered deck, small awning, or nothing at all.  It’s good to try and locate things like barbecues and outdoor furniture under cover, it keeps them safe from the elements, and you’ll have them for so much longer.  You may just have to be happy with what you’ve got and enjoy a good game of Jenga indoors.

If you do want to build yourself some all weather space bear in mind that you will want to try and maximise solar access so they don’t become dark, dank and miserable, and try and consider how the structure will be used in all seasons.  If it’s shading from sun in summer, will it let enough light through in winter to keep  the space warm and attractive?  There are ways and means of designing to maximise solar access, you just need to think about it a bit before jumping in.

Heat is so important in winter – if it’s not warm you don’t want to be there, and at night time there is only so far beanies and gloves can stretch.  Night time get togethers are so much more fun when you’re crowded around a heater or a fire.  Who wouldn’t love their own fire pit in their garden.  But if, like me, you don’t have the space for a small wood burning bbq, let a lone a fire pit, then a heater will have to do.  There are plenty on the market, so I won’t go into recommendations, but just look for one that’s portable and make sure you have the space to store it undercover in Summer when you really don’t need it.

Here’s an idea from AK47 that looks like it combines both fire and a more compact heater in one, how good would this be?  I just need to work out how to get one.

What a great idea if you'd love a fire but don't have the space!

If you can create them, a shelter and heat work really well when you can create a little “nook” for them.  The smaller the space, the more cozy it feels, and the more attractive in winter, though you won’t be having gatherings for 20+ people!

Another consideration to add to my garden design to do list!


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